Ethan Ang
Ethan Ang 11 timmar sedan
Beyonce hair caught on the fans is so slimiar to MJ hair caught fire while dancing live.
Melodyy 11 timmar sedan
I've got to say Freddie!
Izuku midorya
Izuku midorya 11 timmar sedan
The cat In the BOX
The cat In the BOX 11 timmar sedan
9:58 He forgot to hide his bee... *cough cough* apple juice.
BlueZ Gaming
BlueZ Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Did you just say Alhamdulliah or is it just me
Wyatt Springston
Wyatt Springston 11 timmar sedan
I really only listen to rap now a days
Potato Banana
Potato Banana 11 timmar sedan
Joel please react to verbalase I am 100% sure you will love his work Also, congrats on 7 MILLION subs
minecraft gaming russel
minecraft gaming russel 11 timmar sedan
crazy frog is annoying
Nathaniel YT
Nathaniel YT 11 timmar sedan
We Filipino's Have been Summoned
isak takle
isak takle 11 timmar sedan
You disrespected my country🇳🇴
Ragil Hadiworo
Ragil Hadiworo 11 timmar sedan
I still love Pop Danthology era
sacha SF
sacha SF 11 timmar sedan
Roomie I like you your very entertaining to watch but I will be on Anthony Vincent’s channel
Alegna Uvoldn
Alegna Uvoldn 11 timmar sedan
This song was crazy awesome 😎 I love it bruh
tara prisock
tara prisock 11 timmar sedan
Ugh all that is"isn't true
Ripperzzz Gamezzz
Ripperzzz Gamezzz 11 timmar sedan
Them: shows mutant Minecraft animals Me: WHERES THE MUTANT SNOWMAN!!!!!????
Paul English
Paul English 11 timmar sedan
That is what u call fast
Sahien Ara
Sahien Ara 11 timmar sedan
I wanna be like you when I grow up! UwU
Jovana Mladenović
Jovana Mladenović 11 timmar sedan
I hope Midnight is on the list....
Untitled Goose
Untitled Goose 11 timmar sedan
I know this is irrelevant to the vid but can you make a vid bout lemon demon/Niel Ciceraga?
Ritaki 11 timmar sedan
hi linh-
Linh Duy
Linh Duy 11 timmar sedan
Hiii babe 💖💖💖 what you doing in the p-hub community?
xxJJ Playsxx
xxJJ Playsxx 11 timmar sedan
oh roomie. dear dear roomie. did you think we forgot your hit or miss girl cosplay promise. you already hit 7 million. its time for you to keep your end of the bargain.
Antonio Beijen
Antonio Beijen 11 timmar sedan
The weekend +draft punk
Jarrah King
Jarrah King 11 timmar sedan
I really wanted to see circle toons in this
EDM 11 timmar sedan
is he still eating sand?
Nida Čibiraite
Nida Čibiraite 11 timmar sedan
Why did u listen to morgz.....Hes fr dumm
Basic-Brick-Mocs 11 timmar sedan
YES , GORILLAZ , finally
Fanny Berg
Fanny Berg 11 timmar sedan
Alegna Uvoldn
Alegna Uvoldn 11 timmar sedan
My soul is creeped look at him staring at me😂
Shelby Barnes
Shelby Barnes 11 timmar sedan
13:23 *Sleepyhead starts playing* Me: *intense LBP flashbacks* (Srsly I love that game, I miss it TwT)
TheRealMipi 11 timmar sedan
roomie you are living in my computer not my phone so you need to pay extra and also i have 2 screens playing your video so thats 10 dollars instead of 1
Sharlene 11 timmar sedan
I couldn't even watch this video when it came out - so sad😢 I'm going to miss them! Thanks for the video😊
Juan Cadayong
Juan Cadayong 11 timmar sedan
5:53 roomie "the man of culture" official
Lauren D
Lauren D 11 timmar sedan
Alegna Uvoldn
Alegna Uvoldn 11 timmar sedan
Idk why I laughed when he said "look at this photograph"
Kris Kamweru
Kris Kamweru 11 timmar sedan
Why does female Roomie kinda look like Poki?
Corey Carter
Corey Carter 11 timmar sedan
You should look at DJ Cumberbund's mashups. they are really well done.
R3nzo alvarez
R3nzo alvarez 11 timmar sedan